How Can You Determine if Your Senior Is Safe at Home?

Elderly Care in Avon Lake OH: How Can You Determine if Your Senior Is Safe at Home?

Elderly Care in Avon Lake OH: How Can You Determine if Your Senior Is Safe at Home?

You want your elderly family member to be as safe at home as possible, but that’s a tall order. Where should you start?

Check All Safety Devices

Safety devices are typically items that help your senior to be alerted to safety issues or to correct safety problems. Some examples might be fire extinguishers, home alarm systems, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Take the time to change batteries, check these devices, and basically just ensure they’re working properly.

Consider What to Do with Chemicals

Chemicals and poisons may never have been an issue before, but as your senior’s life changes, so too can the dangers she faces. You may want to consider locking up everything that could be considered poisonous in one cabinet. Some people keep these types of items in the garage or a shed where they can be secured.

Check the Overall Security

In terms of overall security, you should make sure that your senior’s door locks are all solid and that they work properly. Windows are also a big concern, especially on the first floor. Do periodic checks and make sure that these basic safety items are in place and functioning as they should.

Address Lighting Issues

Your senior can’t avoid what she can’t see and as she ages, what she can see changes. Improving the lighting around the home can really help with diminished vision. Try adding some brighter bulbs first. If you’re not able to do that or it only helps a little, you may need to add additional light sources.

Clear out Pathways Wherever Possible

Clutter is a massive problem for aging adults. If your elderly family member can’t get through an area in her home safely and easily, then the clutter needs to go. This may sound easier than it is, especially if your elderly family member has an attachment to some of the items that she’s keeping.

Look for Any Tripping Hazards

Besides clutter, other items can present tripping hazards, too. Your senior might have worn carpeting or areas of the floor that are uneven. Throw rugs can help, but they can also be a hindrance. Take careful stock of everything that could present a hazard for your senior and consider moving it, repairing it, or replacing it. Installing hand rails throughout the house gives her something to grab hold of for stability.

One way to get up to speed quickly about safety considerations your elderly family member is facing is to get some help in place. Elderly care providers know a lot about keeping their clients safe in their own homes and they can help you determine where there are gaps in your plans.

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Hedi Huebler