Four Lighting Fixes for Fall Reduction

Lighting can make the difference between your senior being able to avoid a fall or not. That doesn’t mean that you have to install massive floodlights in every room, though. Being smart about how your senior accesses lighting and what lighting is available makes a big difference.

Turn Lights on Before Entering a Room

Home Care Beachwood, OH:Four Lighting Fixes for Fall Reduction

Switches that are close to the entrance of a room allow your senior to turn on lights for that area before she goes in. That’s ideal and not every home is set up to give your senior that opportunity. Another option to consider are motion-sensing lights that turn on automatically when someone enters the room. There are LED lightbulbs with this functionality that make this process even easier.

Use Night Lights Everywhere
Night lights are underrated. They offer just enough light for most people to be able to see the outlines of obstacles without being too bright or ruining night vision entirely. Night lights are a fantastic option for all hours of the day and night, though, because they can keep your senior from unexpectedly being unable to see.

Find a Lamp or Switch Your Senior Can Access from Bed
It’s particularly important to have an option for easy lighting in the bedroom. Make sure that you have a lamp or switch close enough to your senior that she can access it from bed comfortably. That way she’s able to turn lights on or off without having to move at all. Motion-sensing lights might not be the best option for this situation because when your elderly family member moves at night, she doesn’t necessarily want all the lights turning on.

Stow Flashlights in as Many Spots as Possible
Flashlights are the next best ting to night lights and they offer your elderly family member a great deal of flexibility, too. Flashlights have gotten smaller and more powerful over the years, too, so it’s easy to stash them in all sorts of places. LED lightbulbs inside mean that they don’t use up batteries as often and they’re bright when your senior needs them to be. Keep some smaller flashlights in as many locations as you can, just in case.

Home care providers can help you to find other solutions that can be instrumental in helping your elderly family member to avoid a fall. Rely on their experience to help you to spot potential trouble spots you might not have considered.

Excerpt: So many falls happen because an aging adult just couldn’t see well enough to avoid whatever caused the fall. Lighting can help.

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Hedi Huebler