Winter Safety Tips Your Dad Needs to Follow

Home Care Avon Lake OH: Winter Safety Tips Your Dad Needs to Follow

Home Care Avon Lake OH: Winter Safety Tips Your Dad Needs to Follow

Both indoors and out, your dad needs to keep himself safe this winter. Before he heads off in his car, on a walk, or cranks up the heat, make sure he’s safe. Go over these winter safety tips together.

Keep a Shovel Inside the Entry

Keep a shovel in the entryway or mudroom. If there’s a storm, snow may be level or even blocking the storm door. Someone needs to shovel the snow away from the door and down any steps that lead to a driveway, yard, or sidewalk.

By having a shovel inside the door, your dad won’t have to venture out to a shed or garage before the snow is cleared. He won’t be trying to navigate stairs, uneven ground, or ice hidden under snow. He might also want to keep some ash, sand, or environmentally-friendly salt to melt ice from stairs and walking paths.

Invest in Traction Cleats

If your dad walks regularly, he should invest in traction cleats. They strap onto the bottoms of shoes or boots to add grip on icy surfaces. You don’t have to spend a lot. You’ll find traction cleats online or in many sporting goods stores.

Many companies make traction cleats. Some have long ice spikes and others have shorter spikes that are reminiscent of studs inserted into winter tires.

Keep Winter Supplies in the Car

If your dad slides off the road while driving, some time may pass before a tow truck arrives. He should keep items in his car that keep him safe. Start with flares. Flares for the road are important. This will alert people to his location and slow down traffic to keep another vehicle from sliding off into his car.

He needs to stay in his car if his car isn’t at risk of going into water or down an embankment. If he must get out of his car, he needs to go far from his vehicle and out of the way of traffic. To stay warm, blankets, a heavy coat, and a camp chair for seating will help.

He should also pack hand warmers in his emergency pack. Some non-perishable foods like bottles of water and protein bars are also a good idea. Finally, cat litter can help with traction if he thinks he can get back onto the road if he can keep the tires from slipping on packed snow.

Check On Him

Try not to let your dad go weeks without any visits. Someone should stop by to check that he’s warm, has food, has power, and has running water.

If you don’t live close enough to him to check on him once or twice a week, call a home care agency. Caregivers can help your dad with transportation, meals, cleaning, or simple companionship visits. Learn more about the different home care services now.

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