Aging in Place Is a Practical Choice with Practical Concerns

Home Care Rocky River OH: Aging in Place Is a Practical Choice with Practical Concerns

Home Care Rocky River OH: Aging in Place Is a Practical Choice with Practical Concerns

Very often caregivers don’t see a way to easily help their aging adults to continue to age in place safely and happily. It’s a situation that is easy to overcomplicate, but as long as you’re managing the practical aspects of life, it’s entirely possible. Your elderly family member may need some extra help, but that doesn’t detract from her success in reaching her goal.

Safety at Home

Being safe at home is one of the most important considerations for your aging family member. She might need to rearrange furniture or remove clutter in order to ensure that she has safe passage through her home. There are other considerations, too. Installing handrails in the bathroom, in hallways, and even in stairways can help immensely. Look for other ways to help your senior to be as safe as she can be in her home.

Food and Cooking Concerns

Having food at home and being able to prepare it is a massive part of being able to remain at home as your senior ages. One solution is for you and other family members to take over grocery shopping and cooking for your aging family member. It’s important to check existing food stores for expiration dates and for food that is no longer safe to eat.

Household Tasks and Chores

Keeping up with cleaning, with laundry, and with home maintenance can be increasingly difficult for your aging family member. These tasks can all start to pile up, which makes them even more difficult to keep up with on a regular basis. Your senior might think that she can catch up, but depending on her health challenges that might be difficult or even impossible.


Your senior may find that driving becomes more and more difficult over time. She may experience illnesses or injuries which impede her ability to safely drive. If she experiences cognitive issues, that’s an even bigger situation to manage along with her. Having someone else to handle the driving helps to relieve some of the pressure she may be experiencing and it keeps her from isolating herself as well.

You may not need to address all of these concerns at once right out of the gate. Some of these issues become a much bigger concern later as your senior’s health and needs change. Home care providers can help you to balance these needs with your senior’s desire to stay at home for as long as she possibly can.

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