Why Should You Include Your Parents’ Dog in a Senior Care Plan?

Senior Care in Bay Village OH: Why Should You Include Your Parents' Dog in a Senior Care Plan?

Senior Care in Bay Village OH: Why Should You Include Your Parents’ Dog in a Senior Care Plan?

You’re working out the things your parents can do independently. You’re looking to see what your mom and dad need help with. You want to keep them safe. Have you considered your parents’ dog in these plans?

Many families don’t think of what happens to the dog when a senior can no longer care for a pet properly. Don’t leave your mom and dad’s dog out of the care plan. Take time to answer these questions.

What Happens if Your Parent Cannot Have the Dog in the Home?

In most cases, your parent won’t need to give up the pet, but what if it does happen? Say your mom has Alzheimer’s and suddenly doesn’t recognize her dog. She’s fearful and won’t enter a room the dog is in. It’s best to remove the dog from her home.

In that situation, what happens to the dog? Are you able to add a dog to your house? Do you have friends or family members who can take the dog in? Plan in advance so that the dog has a home to go to. If not, you’ll have to partner with a local shelter or rescue and screen potential new owners, which can take time.

Is a Caregiver Okay With Animals? Is the Dog Okay With Strangers?

If a caregiver starts coming by the house, is the dog going to be okay with a stranger each week or day? Is a caregiver okay with a dog? You’ll need to make sure that the caregiver is comfortable with pets. If not, the dog may need to be crated when the caregiver stops by.

Who Provides the Dog’s Care?

Is your parent able to walk and feed the dog? A caregiver may agree to help out with reminders. You may need to hire a separate person to walk the dog each day. There are also aspects like nail trims, brushing, and oral care that your parent may struggle with.

Don’t Ignore Your Parents’ Senior Care Needs

Aging at home doesn’t mean your parents have to give up their dog. You do need to make sure the dog receives necessary care. With the dog’s needs considered, you can focus on the things your mom and dad need.

Caregivers are an important step in senior care. When you parents struggle with medication reminders, housework, or transportation, caregivers can help. That’s just a small list of the services caregivers offer. Talk to a senior care agency to find out more about the benefits of caregivers for seniors who want to age at home.

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