What Are Your Options with a Senior Who Is Still Driving?

Senior Care in Parma OH: What Are Your Options with a Senior Who Is Still Driving?

Senior Care in Parma OH: What Are Your Options with a Senior Who Is Still Driving?

If your aging family member is still driving, you have a variety of options depending on the situation. You might have a mix of these three scenarios going on, but no matter what, you need to have a backup plan for her.

Your Senior Knows When it’s Time to Stop

Ideally, you’re in a situation in which your elderly family member knows when it’s time for her to either stop driving altogether or to only drive under certain conditions. This might be a wise decision for her from a safety standpoint, of course, but it can also benefit her financially. The money that she isn’t spending on car maintenance, gas, and insurance can go toward other expenses.

You Need to Have a Talk

A step down from the ideal scenario is one in which you and your elderly family member need to sit down and have a serious talk. This might mean that you need to assess how her medications are affecting her and whether her health is playing a part in her ability to drive. This talk might help you to narrow down certain parameters for your senior, such as restricting her driving to good weather and daylight hours, for instance.

The Worst Scenario

The absolute worst option might be that your elderly family member gets into an accident or has her driver’s license taken away. This can be devastating for her, especially if she’s been resisting the idea of no longer driving. Being forced by outside circumstances to quit driving can really damage your elderly family member’s self-confidence and she may feel as if everyone around her is out to get her or trying to restrict her movements. It might take some time to get through to her.

Make Sure You Provide Alternatives

Whichever situation you find yourself dealing with in regards to your senior’s driving, make sure that you offer her alternatives to getting behind the wheel herself. Senior care providers are an excellent choice because they understand your aging adult’s unique needs and they can offer companionship as well as a driver. Once your senior understands that she’s not being forced to stay at home, she may be much more receptive to the idea of no longer driving.

If you and your elderly family member can’t agree at all about her driving, you might want to consider having a third party do a driving assessment with her. This can give you an objective idea of what driving is like for her now and possibly in the near future.

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