Hilarity for Charity Can Help You Take a Break From Alzheimer’s Care

Senior Care North Olmsted OH: Hilarity for Charity Can Help You Take a Break From Alzheimer's Care

Senior Care North Olmsted OH: Hilarity for Charity Can Help You Take a Break From Alzheimer’s Care

Actor Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, created Hilarity for Charity in 2012. Lauren had watched the disease take her grandfather and grandmother. Her mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s when Laurent was in her mid-20s. She wanted to bring awareness of how devastating the disease is to those diagnosed with it and the family members and friends watching it progress.

As a family caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s, you know how hard it is. You watch your mom forget who you are. You put your life on hold while you provide care for hours every day or week without ever getting paid for all you do. You’re burning out and need support. That’s where Hilarity for Charity can help.

Join a Hilarity for Charity Support Group

With online support groups found across the country, family caregivers can join a support group that fits their time restraints. Support groups meet on Google Hangout, so you don’t have to talk on the phone. You simply chat and get the support you need as you face this disease with your mom or dad.

All of the Hilarity for Charity-support groups are hosted by a licensed social worker who has the experience and training to really help. Groups are kept to no more than eight participants to make sure that people have time to vent frustrations, fears, or concerns. The support groups meet for 10 weeks and don’t cost you a penny.

There are other Alzheimer’s support groups on social media platforms like Facebook and online on the Alzheimer’s Association’s website. These support groups are not led by a social worker, but they may be helpful in finding others who can relate to your struggles.

Make Sure You Hire Caregivers for Respite Care

When you care for a parent with Alzheimer’s, you need to take a break. Talk to a home care agency about senior care services like respite care. While you take a break to talk to others online in a support group, go to a local support group near you, or go out with friends or family members, caregivers take over.

When you have respite care arranged, your parent isn’t alone while you’re taking a break. The quality of care remains the same. Your parent still has someone helping with meals, medications, housekeeping, and activities. You just don’t have to be the one helping. Call a senior care agency to get started.

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Hedi Huebler