Controlling Pain in Seniors After Surgery

Senior Care Pepper Pike OH: Controlling Pain in Seniors After Surgery

Senior Care Pepper Pike OH: Controlling Pain in Seniors After Surgery

It’s common for seniors to undergo some kind of surgical procedure, whether it’s something routine and planned or an emergency procedure that is life-threatening. Regardless of the cause for surgery, the aging adults will all have to deal with an extended recovery time. Seniors heal more slowly than younger adults and may be more sensitive to pain in a post-surgery recovery. Family caregivers have the responsibility of looking after the aging adult and ensuring they are part of an effective pain management plan.

Post-Surgery Needs for Seniors

There are all kinds of health reasons for why seniors might need surgery. Some of the most common include varicose veins, cataracts, ulcers, pacemaker implantation, oral surgery, removing tumors, setting broken bones and joint replacement. Elderly adults may spend more time in the hospital after the surgery, as the procedure itself poses health risks for seniors. When the doctor feels that the elderly adult can go home, they will likely not be able to live independently as they have not fully healed from the surgery.

Depending on the type of surgery, seniors may not be able to see, bend, grasp, walk or carry something, which can impede their ability to take care of themselves and their home. Most likely, the doctor has provided a list of what an aging adult can and cannot do post-surgery. If the aging adult doesn’t follow those recommendations, their recovery may be delayed, or they could cause damage to the surgery site. Family caregivers must do everything they can to provide for their aging loved one’s post-surgery needs, including hiring a senior care provider.

Senior Care Providers Help Control Pain in Seniors After Surgery

When aging adults are recovering from surgery, one thing they must keep their focus on is pain management. Surgery is going to cause pain, both at the incision location and perhaps elsewhere in the body. Pain management is important to keep the aging adult comfortable and better able to deal with all that is required during recovery.

For example, senior care providers can remind seniors when to take their medication and how much. They can also help aging adults apply heat and ice to painful parts of the body. Finally, senior care providers can assist seniors with everything from stretching and walking to the toilet to getting dressed and bathing. With a senior care provider to step in and make up for an elderly person’s limitations after surgery, the senior can relax and focus on healing and resting.

Surgery is hard for just about everyone, but aging adults are going to have a much more difficult time with taking care of themselves and dealing with the pain from the procedure. When senior care providers are part of their support team, however, they have a much better chance of a faster recovery.

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