Does Your Senior Have Too Much Stuff?

Senior Care Strongsville OH: Does Your Senior Have Too Much Stuff?

Senior Care Strongsville OH: Does Your Senior Have Too Much Stuff?

Too many items clogging up your senior’s home can be a serious hindrance for her in living the life she wants to live. It can also contribute to problems, like tripping hazards or fire hazards. Doing a check in some specific areas of your senior’s home can help you spot whether some of those things need to be culled.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen counters might be the obvious place to spot lots of clutter, but they’re not the only space that you need to check. The fridge, freezer, and pantry can all contain expired food or food that you know your senior won’t eat. All of that becomes clutter and can make your senior believe that she has plenty of food, even if she truly doesn’t. Also be sure to check drawers and cabinets. If they’re overstuffed or full of items she doesn’t use, that’s valuable storage space to reclaim.

Bathrooms Can Be a Catch-all

Bathrooms can have some similar problems as the ones you can find in kitchens, especially in terms of overflowing cabinets. Instead of food, though, your senior might have a collection of expired medications. Prescription medications have expiration dates which should be marked on the bottle. Over-the-counter medications also have expiration dates that are important to note.

In Living Areas

Clutter in living areas can be a little easier to spot, especially in the form of papers, mail, and magazines piling up. Your senior might also have furniture that doesn’t get used which can contribute to clutter a bit. In the bedroom, having clothes or shoes spread out around the room can create a tripping hazard.

Basements, Attics, and Garages

Attics, basements, and garages may be where your senior sends items and then forgets about them. But all those items add up over time and your elderly family member can forget what she’s storing. The problem is that sometimes going through those items isn’t as productive as you hope it will be. Lots of these items might have sentimental value or be items that your elderly family member just can’t get rid of. If these spots are too packed, though, you can’t store anything else there and it could contribute to a fire hazard.

Everyone’s definition of “too much” stuff is different, of course, but having another set of eyes on the situation can help. Senior care providers are experienced in helping caregivers to spot potential safety considerations in their aging adult’s home. They can also help you to reorganize and to keep the situation under better control for your elderly family member.

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