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At Four Seasons Home Care, we’re often asked, “Where do you find your caregivers?” This is a very important question. The answer for most home care agencies is, we advertise. So the question should be, “How do you screen your caregivers?” At Four Seasons Home Care, we don’t pride ourselves on just finding a caregiver, we recruit the best.

At Four Seasons Home Care, we have a three phase recruiting process. 

Phase 1: Experience

  • State Tested Nursing Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Home Health Aide, and CPR.
  • Minimum one year of experience.

Phase 2: Interview

  • Comprehensive phone interview
  • One-on-one interview

Phase 3:  Screening

  • Two employment verifications
  • Two referrals
  • State and county background checks
  • Drug test.
  • Proof of auto insurance

The three phase recruiting process is just the beginning. After the caregiver is hired, they go through a multi-phase training process combined with continuing education to ensure the highest level of care experience.  As you can see, we don’t take our caregivers for granted, and neither should you.